Highest Signals Visible: 80. You can upgrade for stronger signals.
Indlead provides custom algorithmic trading applications and signals.

As a part of the Avocado Terminal network, Institutional-tier users can get access to live trading support and inquire about custom requirements with a support agent before and after deployment.
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  • 250 API Calls Per Day
  • Top 4 Indlead Covered Assets and Indicators
  • Top Signals Up To 80
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  • Unlimited API Calls Per Day
    + Live Asset-To-Indicator API Access
  • All Indlead Covered Assets and Indicators
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Indlead, originally Indicator Leaderboard, was created by traders like you for traders like you.

Trading on margin carries extreme risk. To ensure the best profit maximization when trading, choosing the signals with the most probability of success is crucial.

Indlead leverages historical indicator data on the most commonly traded FOREX, cryptocurrency, equity, index and commodity instruments to produce backtested signals. These signals include bullish and bearish strengths (1-100) based on the Indlead Process.

The Indlead Process entails gathering and normalizing dozens of indicator types across hundreds of asset classes, leveraging human traders to train machine learning algorithms with profit-maximizing strategies, and then utilizing a permutation generation process to uncover patterns with the strongest signals.

Indlead comes with an API so that you can plug Indlead signals into your trading algorithm. Furthermore, non-coders can leverage the Indlead user interface to gather signals, based on chart data from sources such as TradingView, Eikon, Bloomberg, Avocado Terminal and other charting visualization providers.

Inlead is an out-of-the-box solution that you can get up and running with now. If you would like custom tooling for your signals, trade execution algorithms, and/or risk management systems, we provide consulting and custom application development services, as well.

Indlead is completely free to use. Indlead is an Avocado Terminal partner, and provides advanced singals and greater API request limits to PRO and institutional users.

This API explorer is meant for both coders and non-coders


This signal endpoint requires three paramters (indicator, asset and number), then returns the bullish and bearish signals (1-100) as a response for each.



Rank Indicator Asset Period Bull Signal Bear Signal
You can plug these signals into your bot

If Elder Force Index, Williams %R, RSI
is 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100,110
on Ethereum, S&P 500, Apple Stock, Bitcoin, JPY/USD (5 min)

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